Brian Knox

My name is Brian and I was raised in Bathgate Scotland. Life was exciting at home and I was loved by my parents although I was a problem child and needed extra guidance than my sister. I was attracted to trouble and that’s why I took drugs at the age of 11. It robbed me from my innocence and that’s all my life became until the age of 31.

15 years of heroin addiction, spending time in prison, committing terrible acts of violence, I went to teen challenge in 2008 and had an amazing recovery time. I became a Christian and gave my life to Jesus. I had seen myself change before my own eyes and knew this was through faith. I spent 9 years and 4 months clean and unfortunately relapsed. I know that this was because I wasn’t living right as a Christian. I was consumed with shame having betrayed my wife. I also lost my job working with young adults and lost my contacts for my business I had successfully built up.

God is faithful to his promise and he has brought me to Reach out Ministries, where gracefully I really feel his love and presence again. I’ve only been here a few months and it feels like I haven’t been away from him. I believe I’ve learned a valuable lesson and God will use my failings for me to live my life for him. My wife is a God-fearing woman and my daughters have a relationship with God with the youngest being blessed to be educated at a Christian school. I’m so blessed my family have everything they need in God . So my prayer today would be God please give me my family back. 


My name is Stephen and I'm 35 years old. I used drugs from the age of 13 till the age of 34. Drugs gave me enjoyment and helped with anxiety in the early years. However, addiction is progressive in nature and it progressed into what I describe as hell. My addiction took me to many dark places like psychiatric wards, locked wards, prison, suicidal tendencies and almost homelessness. My family and all my real friends completely gave up on me after years of just staying the same, so with nothing and no one I hit rock bottom and reached out for help.

Teen challenge in my local area put me in touch with Reach out Ministries Rehab where I have been a resident for fifteen months. I’m now a born again Christian and I'll soon be a year and a half clean from drugs and alcohol. I have my family back in my life, I lead bible studies, I study arts and humanities at University, I play guitar in a worship group, I go to the gym and I have a new circle of drug free Christian friends. My life, thanks to this Rehab and the power of God has completely changed. I now have a plan and a future in my life. I just returned from a mission trip to Scotland to share my story in front of over two hundred people and will be working with the team to take the message of God and the work the Rehab is doing on more missions. Life is fantastic.