Pen Portrait


Do you or someone you know need help dealing with an addiction? We may be able to help with supported accommodation whilst you deal with rehabilitation. We have a
very high success rate and those who have gone through our programme have testified to very good results. In order to get our support there are a few things you will need to consider which you can find on this website. In addition you can download and fill in the Pen Portrait below supplying as much information as is possible to make the process seamless for both parties. We will be pleased to hear from you so please go a head and fill the form in and send it to us.

Download the Pen Portrait and supply accurate information to make the on-boarding easier. Please supply as much information as possible to ensure that we provide the assistance you require. Do not leave out details you think are  embarrassing as this will hinder your recovery and cause delays with the assistance we can readily provide. The more we know the better we are placed to help.

Registered Charity in the UK.  Charity Number: 1171638